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About the Gospel

Can selfishness be cured?

Can Selfishness be Cured?

2 Cor  5:15 is the cure for selfishness. The end of selfishness is the end of Satan’s reign; Satan rules the earth through selfishness. He is skillful at planting a simple, selfish thought which, when received by the mind and soul of human beings, brings them under his sway. This is Satan’s touch. The curse and the fatal flaw of mankind. This is where the soul can be touched and… Read More »Can Selfishness be Cured?

What is the Gospel Bible

Easter: The Rest of the Story

Easter is a time when sincere Christians meditate on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In our discussions, many seem to consider that the last twelve hours of Jesus’ life, ending with His dying on the cross, is what produced forgiveness for the sins of mankind. The whole consideration goes no further than His physical suffering on the cross. You may have imagined what it would have been like… Read More »Easter: The Rest of the Story

Passover Lamb for Sacrifice

Andrew’s Lamb – a Passover Story

It was a hot, sunny day as Andrew walked along the dusty road toward Jerusalem for the Passover. A few steps ahead of him walked his father, head gray with age yet still very strong. It seemed a bit strange to Andrew that it was only he and his father making the journey this year, for in years past, all his brothers and sisters had accompanied them. But they were… Read More »Andrew’s Lamb – a Passover Story

Excerpt from the Bible KJV 1611


As in the Bible, the use of the word “man” on this site is not always gender specific. The word “man” in most cases refers to all “mankind” both male and female. Only in cases where the context is obviously referring to an actual man (such as Yahshua the Messiah) is the word specific to the male gender. For our women readers, please feel free to substitute the word “woman”… Read More »Gender

Our Master Yahshua the Messiah

How would a man act if he was like God?

One of the most difficult things to imagine is: ”how would God act if he were a man?” Or “how would a man act if he was like God?” Would he be the most loving person? What would that look like? Would he always be giving thanks and praising his Father and the good he saw in those around him? Would he be expressing joy even while suffering? Would he… Read More »How would a man act if he was like God?

Surrender to the Greater King

Surrender to the Greater King

What king, going out to encounter another king in war, will not first sit down and deliberate whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him who comes against him with twenty thousand? And if not, while the other is yet a great way off, he sends a delegation and asks for terms of peace. (Luke 14:31-32) The Good News is the message of love between God and man.… Read More »Surrender to the Greater King



REAL. That’s the word you would use to describe him. He wasn’t playing a game. He wasn’t projecting some image, trying to get people to look up to him. If ever you asked him to tell you about himself, he might say something like, “I am who I am.” That would be a pretty good description. There wasn’t a speck of deceit in him. He didn’t have anything up his… Read More »REAL

Greek Orthodox priest

Poor Man in a Rich Church

Youthful eyes peering, I could not understand the sight that was before me! The grandeur, the wealth! As I watched this shimmering figure I was blinded by the reflection of the most precious gems that encrusted his golden Bishop cap. His golden staff so heavy he needed an extra person to carry it. As I watched the scene before me my stomach growled with hunger for I was one of… Read More »Poor Man in a Rich Church

Nets - ancient and modern

The Common Purse Gospel

It is crucial to pay attention to the way of the apostles, the men who were closest to history’s greatest event: the life, death, and resurrection of Yahshua the Messiah, the Savior of the world. The reason these disciples who walked with Him held a common purse and established a common-purse community after Pentecost was that the gospel that was preached to them required it. It was not a “rule”… Read More »The Common Purse Gospel