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Coronavirus Tip: Overcome Selfishness

What is of greater detriment to our immune system, overall health and well being than selfishness? A selfish person has a compromised immune system. But how do you overcome selfishness? Read on… Is it time to consider what lies ahead? To us, this is no surprise, because we know what days we live in. These days have been spoken of by the holy prophets of old, and by the Messiah… Read More »Coronavirus Tip: Overcome Selfishness

Can selfishness be cured?

Can Selfishness be Cured?

2 Cor  5:15 is the cure for selfishness. The end of selfishness is the end of Satan’s reign; Satan rules the earth through selfishness. He is skillful at planting a simple, selfish thought which, when received by the mind and soul of human beings, brings them under his sway. This is Satan’s touch. The curse and the fatal flaw of mankind. This is where the soul can be touched and… Read More »Can Selfishness be Cured?