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House Church Invitation

Singing Together in our Church Gatherings
We talked about people looking for a house church this morning. We prayed that people like you would find this. We can’t wait to meet you one day in our house. I say “our house” because we all own the house, to­gether. We all live together, just like the first church in the book of Acts.1 They were house churches too!

Not Just a Church in a House

church in house
House Church? Church in a House?

Our house church is not just a smaller group of people doing “regular church” in a house instead of a big building. Our house churches are vibrant homes where people live, eat, and work together! We don’t gather one day a week. We gather every morning and every evening, before breakfast and supper, to study the Word, share what we are learning, worship together and pray. We follow the pattern Paul wrote about in 1 Cor 14:24-26,2 so everyone speaks, not just one or two.

Woman Sharing at House Church Gathering

An Invitation to Come Home

This is an invitation to come and see the most marvelous thing on the earth — the restored house church where all live together and share all things in common. To restore some­thing, you have to bring it back to its original purpose and design.

Know this: It is possible to live together and turn the world up­side down as a witness of the coming Kingdom, then others can see and believe, too. The Holy Spirit entering a willing heart makes it possible.

Our house churches are vibrant homes where people live, eat, and work together!

The Spirit that makes this life possible is calling you to come and see what He is doing, and we’re calling you, too. “The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’”


House Church Nelson BC

Our inability to overcome our personal problems, and the major disappointments in going to church, actually came from not being the church. Once we started being the church instead of going to church, everything changed. We’ve been telling people about our wonderful life for more than 40 years now.

But since you’re not here yet, we’ll keep praying about how to get you here. Because if you came, you could see, hear, and under­stand what can only be perceived by coming.

Saviors Community in Vista CA

You’ve got to come! It’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever see! Critics say, “Oh, community house churches were just for back then.” But know this: It is for now!

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