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How would a man act if he was like God?

Our Master Yahshua the Messiah

One of the most difficult things to imagine is: ”how would God act if he were a man?” Or “how would a man act if he was like God?”

Would he be the most loving person? What would that look like?

Would he always be giving thanks and praising his Father and the good he saw in those around him? Would he be expressing joy even while suffering?

Would he communicate with complete and total peace even when others are reacting and accusing him?

Would he have endless patience for those who could never seem to “get it”?

Would he be kind to every one, never making anyone feel like he thought he was better?

Would he be the most generous – giving you the shirt off his back for no apparent reason?

Would he be the most faithful and loyal? A man of his word, doing what he said he would do even if it killed him? Would he be true to his heart and to his word? Would he stand by you as a friend even if he knew you were going to betray his friendship?

Would he be the kind of friend who still loved you when you were down, and down-right unlovable, and brought to your attention the things you did that were hurtful to others? Would he be the kind of man who really listened to what everyone had to say, encouraging what was good and never promoting his own good ideas?

Would he show honour and sincere respect to all women; never making them feel unsafe or worthless, never charming, flirting or degrading?

Would he show interest in children and youth, encouraging them to speak while guiding them with words of wisdom? Would he never be foolish with them, always expecting the best, believing in them while over-looking there maturity?

Would he have a gentle way about him even when sternly correcting someone who was doing something really bad?

Would he be strict with himself, never eating more than he needed or taking anything for himself other than what he needed? Would he deny himself so he could focus on caring for others?

When he prayed, would he pray for others?

Would he never fight back or resist his circumstances, but resist his own urge to seek his own justice?

Would he always be honest but never hurtful?

Would he be more concerned about where your heart was at than whether you did something right or wrong?

Would he be just as forgiving the tenth time you did the same thing wrong as he was the first time you did it?

Would he never blame anyone else, but take the blame even when he didn’t do it?

Would he love you, believe in you, have hope for you and teach you how to be like him?

Would his name be Yahshua?

Would you do what he said?