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End Time: The Beginning

Voice of Spring

Long ago, Yahshua1, the Messiah, spoke with the voice of a prophet of the end time. He spoke of the darkest times yet to face humanity, and also of signs to come that overflow with the promise of hope — the hope of an age of peace. Perhaps we are embarking upon the very days in which His prophecies will begin to be fulfilled.

He spoke of wars...

Once again cannons fire and missiles fly as heavy steel death machines roll in with horrifying thunder. The gravity of it all makes the blood flow down… always followed by the soft, falling streams of tears. The great and terrible wars of mankind are built out of the same uncivilized substance that rears its ugly head in the many deep trials of our civilian relationships. All the while we say that we long for peace.

and of rumors of war.

Mankind amasses weapons higher and higher in sinister, antagonistic preparation, while soldiers are equipped with the brutality needed to engage in some not-too-distant and inevitable day… when the tears will flow once again. If only we could see where the wounds we nurse, the grudges we hold, and the bitterness we cling to will surely lead! Deep inside, we all want to get along.

End Time - War

He spoke of nation rising against nation.

The cruelty of history takes yet another horrific lap round an inescapable track, handing down to the next generation an inheritance of convincing proofs of our slavery to fallen human nature. When will we ever learn, oh, when will we ever learn? Often we don’t realize how trapped we are until we really try to be free.

He spoke of kingdom set against kingdom.

The insatiable, heartless climb to be the one on top is always accompanied by indifference and numbness to the cost of those who are crushed at the bottom. Generation upon generation deeply inculcates these fallen “ virtues ” into the next — to want to be noticed, to stand out, to be acknowledged as someone great. To esteem others as greater than oneself remains one of mankind’s most uncultivated traits. Yet righteousness cries out, “Are we all not members of one human race?”

He spoke of famine.

It remains a taunting injustice that on such a rich and abundant planet so many face hunger, need, and want. It is upon the same abundant planet, with all its highly civilized, densely populated societies full of comfort and ease, that so many know all too well the desperate, gnawing hunger of loneliness. Will this savage curse of injustice ever be broken?

He spoke of pestilence.

The Death Angel swoops in yet again with the sickle set to the harvest — a plague that sends its feverish shock waves reverberating throughout the human race. As humanity is infected with fear of this ominous and invisible enemy, we all know that this is not the first time that angel has come near… nor will it be the last. Still, even more insidious in these end times are the social viruses that are causing the whole human race to crumble and melt down before our very eyes. Is there any true refuge for life?

Sickle Death

He spoke of earthquakes.

All that seems immovable, everything that promises stability, the firmest strategy, the strongest security, and the highest impenetrable walls begin to crumble when the ground shakes and rumbles underfoot. Life’s violent tremors far beyond your control make you long for what is solid — the true, unshakable Rock.

The Beginning of the End Time

Knowing that this is just the beginning of the sorrowful birth pains that mark the culmination of this dark age will surely cause any mortal man to shudder.

But also upon the end-times battlefield, between light and darkness, good and evil, another player steps forward. Eagerly awaiting, those who have eyes that still look up to see beyond take special note, with hearts that ponder as they view the majestic sparkling of the stars above. They observe the fresh grass emerging from the earth beneath with hearts that cling tightly to hope amid what seems utterly hopeless.

These precious ones are brought into the secret counsel of the Conqueror. To their eyes, an ancient, unfailing, and undaunted declaration of the great promise is unveiled: one day darkness and death will be done away with! One day life will prevail. Good will triumph over evil.

Awakening in the End Times

So now the Voice of Spring is awakening as the end draws near, opening its mouth as if to echo the ancient teachings given by Yahshua — a teaching only meant for those have ears to hear, a lesson spoken only for the tenderhearted. He taught His lessons to those who would be called disciples.

Hidden throughout the earth, myriads of living creatures give birth to new life, so tender and fragile — mothers gently brooding over and caring for their defenseless young, innocent and unaware of the plagues that roam the earth. As the end time approaches, the Voice of Spring whispers its bold, unwavering message, as if to affirm His truth…

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Although the winter can be so long, and death is painful, tragic, and seemingly so final, the Voice of Spring tirelessly brings forth its enduring message of courage that hope will surely come, and to never lose heart. Resonating with the Voice of the Healer, it declares the truth…

End Time Victory

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted!”

Shining forth triumph in a spray of fragrant blooms, with precious petals so delicately crafted, arrayed in brilliant bursts of color, each so masterfully placed, the flowers wave their banners that seem to confidently boast, “ Victory, victory, victory!” As the tender leaves emerge and unfurl, the unstoppable, tender buds burst forth from every high and low place, every crack and crevice under the warming sun. They are the Voice of the Spring that speaks the language that only the humble can hear, as if in perfect tune with this truth…

Blessed are the meek, for the meek shall inherit the earth.

To the ones who breath in deeply the fresh, crisp air, cherishing the warming sunshine after the rain, ever-embracing the hope for true utopia to one day come upon a sickened world, tenaciously refusing to yield to despair despite the intense struggle, the Voice of the Spring cheers them on to say this truth:

Herons and Rainbow

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

And to those who have been awakened by the heartache surrounding them, conscious that life is but a vapor, far too short to waste moments with petty bitterness and hurt feelings, they are compelled to give more, and forgive more, in order to make every moment count. These are the ones who burn with compassion to find solutions to help in this painful struggle for meaning amid such a futile and cancerous age. They long to pour out their zeal only for the noblest of causes, and spend every last breath to have a consequential effect before the final hours of this age. To them, the Voice of Spring echoes this truth…

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

Filling the skies overhead, the joyful orchestra of the winged birds somehow continually take note of what is praiseworthy, refusing to let their songs be silenced despite the darkness engulfing the earth. They take a leading role, resounding the anthem for the Voice of Spring — singing, imploring, and beseeching any listening ear to never forget this simple truth spoken from the heart of the Healer of long ago…

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

So, despite the sickness, tragedy, chaos, fear, confusion, sadness, brokenness, and dark seasons of mankind… yes, despite all these things, take note that the Voice of Spring reverberates powerfully, yet gently, timidly, yet majestically, swelling up from a Source too deep for words, a profound and unquenchable message full of hope:

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

So comes the call at the time of the end. Despite your fears and failures, despite your brokenness and your guilt, despite your pain and scars, despite your loneliness and alienation, despite the horror, atrocities, and the sick, dark struggle that is so very real during a very troubled time on this planet, we join with the Voice of Spring and the Voice of the Savior of mankind by saying to you…

Come to us, all you who are weary and heavy laden! Come and find rest! Come to the side of the One who is victorious over death! Come and gather with those who are already gathered! Come and learn the Way of the Healer of our maladies! Come and learn from the One who holds the Power of Spring!

Responding to this call will cause His kingdom to come in reality, on earth as it is in heaven. The curse will be broken. Death will be done away with. Life will prevail. Love will prevail. Come!

  1. Yahshua is the original Hebrew name of the Savior, called Jesus in most English translations of the Bible. Read more about His Name.