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savior searching - man with backpack


Safe and Sound I grew up in a very secular society with no need for a savior. My life as a child was marked with no hardship and no great lack. Always comfortable, all our needs were taken care of. My sister and I were raised by parents who are still together to this day. From the time I started being conscious of my surroundings, life consisted only of the… Read More »Savior

Church Closed Coronavirus

Feast of Unleavened Bread

CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE – STAY HOME – SAVE LIVES – COVID-19 In this great crisis, most Christian and Messianic believers, thinking they are together, are not able get together and pray, worship or even fellowship. Church services are suspended, Wednesday night Bibles studies, prayer meetings, and Christian events and music concerts canceled. The body of Messiah seems even more mystical than ever before. Even during the Feast of Unleavened… Read More »Feast of Unleavened Bread

Empty Pews on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday – Empty Pews

Easter Sunday, 2020, how many must long to be seated in their pews with others on that special day, but not be able to do so? We are all in quarantine to prevent this plague from spreading further than it already has. Stay home, we’ve been told, to save lives. Memories The memories many of us have of past Easter Sundays, sitting in our family pew, looking at our decorative… Read More »Easter Sunday – Empty Pews


In Quarantine Together

I was thinking how wonderful it would be to be quarantined with all of your best friends in the same house. What greater quarantine could there be? No fear with all your friends who care for you, thankful to be together. Really, it is selfishness that quarantines us all to this planet, even though we were created to fill the universe. We are quarantined to the earth, until the deadly… Read More »In Quarantine Together

Does God Want a Show?

God Desires Relationships (Not a Show)

Desiring to serve God in a real way… I was invited to a Christian event by a friend. I thought to myself, “sure, I would like to attend this event. I’ll get to know more people, connect hearts and ultimately get closer to God.” That’s supposed to be the goal, right? As I looked at the stage, I saw all the shiny lights, many musicians and dancers with their flashy… Read More »God Desires Relationships (Not a Show)

Greek Orthodox priest

Poor Man in a Rich Church

Youthful eyes peering, I could not understand the sight that was before me! The grandeur, the wealth! As I watched this shimmering figure I was blinded by the reflection of the most precious gems that encrusted his golden Bishop cap. His golden staff so heavy he needed an extra person to carry it. As I watched the scene before me my stomach growled with hunger for I was one of… Read More »Poor Man in a Rich Church


Search for the Cross

“Where is my cross?” I sobbed, face on the floor, on my knees, my Bible laying open to Matthew 10 (verse 39). “Show me my cross and I will pick it up!” I was frustrated and lonely. Trying to do all I could; leading the worship band Sunday mornings, putting on the youth group events, songwriter events, night-time street evangelism, and now an alternative theatre venue at the local theatre… Read More »Search for the Cross