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The Early Church

Singing Together in our Church Gatherings

House Church Invitation

We talked about people looking for a house church this morning. We prayed that people like you would find this. We can’t wait to meet you one day in our house. I say “our house” because we all own the house, to­gether. We all live together, just like the first church in the book of Acts. They were house churches too! Not Just a Church in a House House Church?… Read More »House Church Invitation

Church Gatherings Empty Pews

Church Gatherings

Sincere Christians are suffering, desiring to gather together in church gatherings, but not knowing how under covid-19 restrictions. Some are trying to make the best of “virtual church gatherings” and “virtual community”, though this only seems to frustrate those who truly yearn for close fellowship. A few are still gathering in small home groups, even when illegal. Church Gatherings… A Question of Conscience? These are challenging times as the Christian… Read More »Church Gatherings