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The Man

Excerpt from the Bible KJV 1611


As in the Bible, the use of the word “man” on this site is not always gender specific. The word “man” in most cases refers to all “mankind” both male and female. Only in cases where the context is obviously referring to an actual man (such as Yahshua the Messiah) is the word specific to the male gender. For our women readers, please feel free to substitute the word “woman”… Read More »Gender

Our Master Yahshua the Messiah

How would a man act if he was like God?

One of the most difficult things to imagine is: ”how would God act if he were a man?” Or “how would a man act if he was like God?” Would he be the most loving person? What would that look like? Would he always be giving thanks and praising his Father and the good he saw in those around him? Would he be expressing joy even while suffering? Would he… Read More »How would a man act if he was like God?



REAL. That’s the word you would use to describe him. He wasn’t playing a game. He wasn’t projecting some image, trying to get people to look up to him. If ever you asked him to tell you about himself, he might say something like, “I am who I am.” That would be a pretty good description. There wasn’t a speck of deceit in him. He didn’t have anything up his… Read More »REAL

Yahshua in Hebrew letters

The Name Above All Names

 In the days of John the Baptist and the Son of God, the preserved language of the devout Jews was Hebrew. So, when the angel Gabriel brought the good news to the Hebrew virgin, Miriam (or Mary in English), that she would give birth to the Savior of the world, and told her what His name would be, what language do you suppose he spoke? Hebrew, of course! And certainly… Read More »The Name Above All Names